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St Mary’s Works is a former shoe factory in Norwich. After almost a century of successful manufacturing the company closed in 1976. Regeneration work will begin in 2016/17
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Community Consultation

This questionnaire will help us understand the community’s response to our plan for the site. Your opinions count and will influence our planning application.


The regeneration of this brownfield site is good for the local area.


Development on brownfield sites should be maximised to protect against urban sprawl.


The increased provision of housing for key workers in this area is important.


Affordable space for small businesses and sole traders in this area is important.


Space to support local artisans in this area is important.


A new quality landmark hotel on the roundabout, thus upgrading the gateway to Norwich Over-the-Water, would be a good addition to the area.


Enhancing the setting of both St. Mary Coslany and St. Martin-at-Oak and their church yards is important.


The design of the buildings should be in keeping with the architectural styles of Norwich with a well considered city skyline creating a sense of place.


Other comments

Please use this space to give us any comments you have on our plans or to provide more detail on any of the answers you have given above.

Personal information

We would be grateful for some personal information so that we can ensure we have reached people with the greatest interest in our proposals.


My age is:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire!

St. Mary’s Works – St. Mary’s Plain – Norwich NR3 3AF
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